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Clapy BI

I'm Your
Personal AI

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A Chatty AI Friend
Just for You

Clapy initiates conversations with you and takes the lead in discussions. It remembers every word you've said and converses based on those memories. An AI dedicated solely for you.


Customized Information Delivery

Every day, Clapy offers fresh information on games, healthcare, and more. You'll find yourself eagerly anticipating your daily interactions with Clapy.


Life Insights

Each week, Clapy analyzes your behavior and lifestyle habits to provide mental, physical, and financial insights. Elevate your life with a deeper understanding.


Privacy Protected

Conversations between you and Clapy are secured through a high-level privacy protection system. Speak with peace of mind.

Journey into the
World of Clapy


1. What is a Personal AI?

Personal AI refers to a tailor-made artificial intelligence service. It provides recommendations and services specifically designed to cater to an individual's preferences and needs. An AI like Clapy, through consistent interaction with its user, offers increasingly precise and personalized services.

2. Is Clapy free?

Clapy is available for free as its basic offering. However, a subscription service is planned for heavy users who engage in extensive conversations in the future.

3. What features does Clapy offer?

Clapy offers a feature that allows it to be a chatty AI companion, actively engaging in dialogues with users. Additionally, it provides customized information, insights about one's life, and ensures the protection of personal data. For a detailed list and description of features, please refer to the 'Features' section on our website.

Your Personal AI

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